the beauty of nature

Welcome to the portfolio of farmer-artist Stephanie Castle. I grow flowers organically from seed on my farm and hand-dry them to craft sustainable home décor, wedding arrangements, and storefront window installations.

Elevating the beauty of nature through hand-dried flowers and foraged wild treasures.

Recent Work

I am taking on a limited number of new projects. If you would like to commission a work, please get in touch.

→ Natural

All my work is all natural, organically grown and never dyed or treated with harsh chemicals.

→ Sustainable

Everything in my creations can be composted when/if they’ve reached the end of their life.

→ Wild

My goal is to enhance and preserve the wild beauty Mother Nature gives us.





Stephanie Castle, along with her husband and two boys, owns Tenderfoot Farm in Churchville, NY. She crafts only with materials grown on the farm and foraged in the nearby woods. She’s passionate about sustainability, growing pretty dead things, and doing things the hard way.


Dried Flower Wreaths

My first love. All my wreaths are handmade using foraged and sustainable bases and my own flowers. They are available by request from early August through January. If hung indoors away from sunlight and moisture, they will last for years. If hung in a protected area outside, they will stay beautiful through at least a season of exposure to the elements.

Everlasting Bridal

Choose sustainable, local and organically grown flowers for your big day. I love creating bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces and flower crowns that will last for years. I also work with fresh flowers to create arbors and unique floral backdrops. Recently married? Please get in touch about bouquet preservation! I hand dry bouquets so they last a lifetime.

Bespoke Dried Flowers

I create custom everlasting bouquets, dried flower wall art, garlands, and storefront window installations using my own flowers and foraged woodland pieces.