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Welcome to Tenderfoot Flora

Flowers are seen as ephemeral beauties but they don’t have to be. Naturally dried and pressed flowers preserve that beauty for many years. Tenderfoot Flora creates everlasting botanical art made by hand with flowers grown from seed on my farm. I hand-dry our flowers and woodland treasures and create wreaths, wall art, wearables, and storefront window installations. All my creations are hand made with natural materials, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable way to decorate your home. Dried flowers are fragile but resilient. If installed indoors away from direct sunlight, they will last many years. If hung outside, they will last for at least one full season exposed to the elements.

Tenderfoot Farm was founded in 2017 but only became a real farm in 2020 when I lost my job during COVID. We grow vegetables and raise chickens along with the flowers. We have two little boys who are part of everything we do here on the farm. We’re doing our best to give back to the land, be part of our community, and raise our boys with a connection to the earth.

By day, I lead the Women for the Land program at American Farmland Trust. My goal professionally is to gather and grow a community of women connected to the land. It intersects beautifully with my work here, as most of my customers are women with a love of the natural world. I find deep meaning in the connection of women to the earth and have begun experimenting with feminist art using flowers as my medium.

s e r v i c e s


My first love. All my wreaths are unique and seasonal. They can be hung on your door for one season or hung on your wall for years. Color and flower type requests accepted. They can be shipped anywhere within the contiguous US. Prices starting at $25.

Bespoke Floral Art

There are so many ways to work with flowers. I create dried and press flower wall art, feminist art, floral crowns, and bouquets. Please be in touch if you have a special request and we can chat.


It’s been my dream to install larger-scale floral designs in shop windows. My first opportunity is coming up in the fall of 2022. If you’re looking for an all-natural window artist, please get in touch!

T e n d e r f o o t F l o r a

Please get in touch with me about commissions, farm tours, or workshops.

5870 Buffalo Road
Churchville, NY 14428